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Submitted on Apr 19, 2018 Useful Info

Tipping rules in Canada

For those of you from countries that don't usually tip, the rules can seem confusing. But fret not, just follow these rules and you'll be set:

  • Standard tipping percentages are 10% of the bill for below-expectation service, 15% for normal service, 20% for excellent service. Just go for 15% (of the total bill price, including taxes), you won't go wrong.
  • Tips are mostly provided at restaurants, food delivery, salons. Generally it's expected of you to tip. If you pay by credit card, there are usually places for you to enter the tip either as a % amount or a $ amount
  • Less-frequent places to tip include full-service gas stations, valet parking, and hotel bellhops. It's not as frowned upon if you don't tip on these occasions
  • A common sneaky practice that many restaurants do is that when they split the bill for you, the suggested tip dollar amounts printed on each bill is calculated as a % of the total bill amount, rather than a % of each individual bill amount. For example, if the total bill is $100 split between 2 people, the bill will show a 15% suggested tip amount as $15 instead of $7.5 on each bill. So always do your own calculation.