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Beaches in Cancun: Spots for a Perfect Vacation

Everyone needs a break from hard workdays. Whether you are a businessman or a simple office manager, it would be a great idea to take a vacation and go to the hot Caribbean coast of Mexico - to Cancun. Local beaches are the best you can think of for complete relaxation.

The beaches of Cancun stretch for almost 25 kilometers, and you can find a suitable place by picking up Cancun car rental under 21. Wide parking lots and well-maintained roads will make your trip easy.

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All beaches are absolutely free of charge and open to all holidaymakers who like to soak up the sun in the shade of leafy palm trees and swim in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. In addition to passive sunbathing, you can enjoy many other entertainments: from spa-procedures and shopping to diving, fishing, as well as excursions through the Mayan ruins. In Cancun, everyone will find for themselves the best rest that he long dreamed of.

Playa Langosta is where you will see the very turquoise sea water. The beach is small but very cozy. White sand and a gently sloping bottom make Langosta an ideal place to relax with children.

Although the beach is popular, it’s not crowded. On weekends, the locals often rest there with entire families. There are no hotels nearby, as well as shops and cafes. Shelter from the scorching sun is only possible in the shade of several trees.

The coast in some places has a rocky surface. From this beach you can also take a ferry to Isla Mujeres. Even if you want to enjoy a secluded holiday, the Langosta beach will provide you with many secluded places and a cozy atmosphere.

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Playa Pez Volador

Playa Pez Volador is the most popular beach for children. Its major features are a large number of couples and the lack of locals. The beach is located in the hotel area, thus it’s always clean and tidy. In the shade of palm trees there are a huge number of sun loungers. The sea has an unforgettable color and beckons with its light breeze.

The sand is spotless white, and the sea bottom is clean and very smooth. There are also rocky areas. Algae are practically absent, and water is always of an ideal temperature. Playa Pez Volador offers a service in the form of offers to ride on various water devices, as well as take part in excursions by sea, to various parks or a dolphinarium.

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Playa Tortugas

Playa Tortugas is the most popular beach. This is due to the fact that with the previous beach it’s separated by a strip of land with with shops, cafes, restaurants, sightseeing tents and a public toilet.

The chic coast, clear water, stone boulders, the absence of large hotels and the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas make Tortugas beach a more desirable vacation spot compared to others. The beach is quite long and you will find a place for yourself, while the availability of cheap cafes adds comfort.

Since the beach is partly included into the hotel zone, the cleanliness of the coastal area is not watched so hard, and often you can see dried algae on the sand. In addition, very often the locals rest there with their entire families - in tents and with all the attributes of camping life. However, these drawbacks look negligible compared to the advantages of this beach.