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How to get around Capetown

  • CapeTown is the most congested city in South Africa. Getting around Capetown CBD can be difficult especially during peak hours. Cape Town's public transport network includes:
  1. Metrorail
  2. Metered taxis
  3. E-hailing taxis
  4. Rapid transit buses ( My Citi)
  5. City bus service ( Golden arrow)
  6. Minibus taxi


  • Metrorail is one of the best ways to get from Cape Town to nearby towns in the Western Cape. Many Capetonians use Metrorail to avoid traffic when getting into Cape Town While it's popular among locals, it's not ideal and safe for tourists for the following reasons:
  1. Metrorail stations are really crowded especially during peak hours.
  2. Trains are barely punctual.
  • If you're new in Cape Town and still want to take Metrorail, buy first-class tickets. They cost about R10 only.

My Citi

  • I highly recommend using My Citi. It's affordable, safe and you don't get stuck in traffic because My Citi buses have their own bus lanes.
  • To use My Citi buses, you must buy a My connect card at any My Citi station. It's the smartcard that you'll be using to make payments.
  • Each my connect card costs R35, every passenger above 4 years must have one.
  • All bus routes and schedules are available on their website.

Golden Arrow buses

  • Golden Arrow buses have a more extensive network compared to My Citi buses. Their service is good, the only disadvantage of using these buses is getting stuck in traffic and they won't take you to remote tourist destinations.
  • Fare payment is by either cash or gold cards. You can load multi-journey route-specific tickets on your gold card at any Gabs sales agents. Each gold card costs R25.
  • One way fares range from R10- 15.
  • If you're paying by cash, you'll pay the driver as you board.


  • You can use either metered taxis or hail taxis online.
  • Uber and Taxify are the most popular taxi-hailing apps in Cape Town.
  • Metered taxis are cheaper than Uber and Taxify.

Minibus taxis

  • Avoid using minibusses if you're visiting Cape Town for the first time.