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Staying safe in Cape Town

  • Before I went to South Africa, my research gave me the feeling that its cities are pretty dangerous. Tourists getting mugged (even in broad daylight) happens from time to time. On the Canadian government's official travel advisory for SA, it states that the country has a significant level of serious crime
  • From both my experience there and research, the safety situation in Cape Town varies a lot by safety. Here's an overview:User submitted photo of Cape Town
  • The green areas are pretty safe. It's also really nice. It feels very similar to being in a European city (not to say European cities are all safe there are parts of London that are sketchy af). One of the reasons for this safety is the high level of security presence and CCTV monitoring here
  • In the orange areas, which has a lot of interesting places, you should keep your wits on you and use common sense:
  • Always keep an eye for your belongings. Never leave valuables alone
  • Avoid sketchy-looking people
  • Don't flaunt anything too valuable, including expensive bags, jewellery and electronics
  • At night, avoid walking by yourself if you can. If you have to, stick to well-lit and major roads (although if people are determined to mug you being on major roads won't prevent them from doing that. It's just lower probability).
  • The red areas, you should pretty much avoid unless you have a good reason to go to them (like as part of a guided tour). They are getting into what the locals call "townships", which is roughly equivalent to favelas in South America
  • One tip I came across (which I didn't really follow) was to keep a fake wallet on you with some expired credit cards and small amount of cash. The idea is that in the unfortunate event that you get mugged, you can give them this fake wallet instead of your real one