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Best SIM cards to have in Cape Verde

There are two main Telco operators in Cape Verde:

  • CV Móvel
  • T+ (or T-mains)

Both of these operators have gone through strict measures before being approved and being allowed to operate in the country. It is cheaper when travelling to have a local data plan so us to reduce roaming costs. However, these telcos in Cape Verde provide such cheap roaming charges which can be up to 30% less than your normal roaming charge. Be sure to give it a try!

In Cape Verde, the internet coverage is mostly 3G and 2G. The 3G network is mostly around the capital and as you move further, the internet gets slower. Unfortunately there is no 4G/LTE but plans to roll it out are underway

You can but the SIM cards anonymously and do not need any sort of identification to purchase one. The SIM cards can be bought in supermarkets and major stores around the islands.

CV Móvel.

  • CV Móvel is the largest telco in the region and offers services in 3G and 2G, however the 3G is restricted to the capital city and it's environs.
  • You can buy the sim cards at any newspaper stand, supermarket or CV Móvel shops that display the telco logo.
  • SIM cards can be purchased for CVE200 and come with a CVE200 balance.
  • There are two ways of purchasing a prepaid sim card:
  1. You can upload a data pack onto a voice SIM.
  2. You can purchase a data only sim called the net Móvel 3G.
  • This then allows you to have specified plans according to your preference.

T+ (T-Mais).

  • This is the other telco provider in the country.
  • The network can be quite problematic hence before purchasing you need to ensure that the network is compatible with your phone.
  • If you intend to stay around the capital, this is the right provider for you, as it is cheaper than the other telco provider.
  • A SIM card goes for CVE 200 too.