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Things to try out in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a country that is basically an archipelago consisting of 10 volcanic islands.

When in Cape Verde, there are a few things you could do to enjoy your trip.


Ofcourse theislands come with incredible and breathtaking views that are a wonder. The volcanic islands have white sandy beaches that provide you with that perfect location to bask in the sun and have such a wonderful time.

In some wetter islands such as santiago, the rain fascilitates the planting of sugarcane in plantations and also corn. This is a perfect place to enjoy the rollong landscape and have those beautiful pictures taken.


The islands allow for beach sports such as the wave sailing which is almost like wind surfing. This is a perfect way to spend your time at the beach. You could also use a jet ski or simple go out on a boat and appreciate the variety of fish that can be found in and around the country. You could also have an opportunity of seeing local fishermen in their act.


The cuisine in Cape Verde just like in many African countries is one to literally "die for".

One of the favourite dish cooked in the country is Cachupa which is made up of slow cooked corn, beans and fish or meat. Most of the foods are sea foods so if you really want to wake your taste buds, have a go at the foods here.

The beautiful sunsets are also a sight that you would appreciate. This is the beauty of Cape Verde.