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Submitted on Nov 26, 2018 Trip Brief

How to best visit Cappadocia (Göreme) in Turkey

Here's the brief from Gloria's original article:

  • The hot air balloon scene isn't from a festival, it's an ongoing tourist attraction

Dress code:

  • Turkey is rather conservative, however in Cappadocia you can wear shorts, skirts, dresses
  • In March/early April when I went it's reasonably warm during the day but chilly at night. I wore mostly long skirts, sundresses, and loose-fitted clothing


  • Best time to visit if you want to ride the balloon is April to June or September to October for the least likely chance of rain


  • Cave hotels is a local specialty
  • Koza Cave Hotel, where i stayed, has the highest rooftops in town!
  • Sultan Cave Suites is where most instagram photos happen
  • Local Cave House is picture perfect with a pool and unique backdrop
  • IMPORTANT: book early!


  • ATV/Quad tour: explore different valleys, villages and local areas #adventure #offthebeatenpath!
  • Horseback ride - you can book with your hotels
  • Ride a hot air ballon: I went up with Butterfly Balloons (a tour company) and the views are stunning from above
  • Shopping at the market

Interacting with locals:

  • It's a small town of only 2000 people, everyone is super friendly and hospitable
  • make sure to have tea with a stranger - you will get offers from the locals ;)

User submitted photo of Cappadocia