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Getting around Central African Republic

  • There are several ways of getting around the country.
  • The most common just like in very many other countries is travel by road. However, in CAR, the transport system is not well developed.
  • There are problems such as poor road networks through the country and the public transport system is also not well established
  • There are two main road transport systems.
  • Buses can transport you over short distances like from one town to another.
  • However, most of the routes are not fixed as the transport is dependent on the condition of the road.
  • Also, the time of departure and arrival is not fixed and so you have to get to the stage and wait for a while for the car to come by and be filled.
  • If you are adventurous, you can travel over long distances using trucks.
  • Most trucks can offer to transport you through the country as they deliver goods and can be quite cheap.
  • However, you should be extremely careful when doing this and it is recommended that you get on such with a friend or two.
  • The flight network is not very well developed.
  • Via Air do charter flights and a semi-scheduled flight between Bangui and Bangassou for 150.000cfa per person one way.
  • Via Air can postpone flights, sometimes by more than a week, if not enough passengers have reserved.
  • Finally, there is travel by boat that you could try out.
  • The traditional boats are shallow-draft dugouts and canoes that you can use.
  • For those that have a sense of adventure, this can be an exhilarating way of moving from one town to another along the Oubangui river that is the only river that is navigable throughout the year.