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Telecommunication companies in Central African Republic.

  • There are a few telecommunication companies that provide mobile services is CAR which you can use to buy local sim cards to prevent roaming.
  • CAR has a company that offers landline which is SOCATEL.
  • You could be able to send a fax across the town because the landline services of this company are only restricted to Bangui town.
  • However, you could also make international calls using this companies services.
  • Downtown periods are not frequent. However, they can occur if the repeater generators are down.
  • This is quite rare, however.
  • Apart from SOCATEL, there are other mobile service providers in the country that include:
  2. MOOV.
  3. ORANGE.
  4. AZUR.
  • Socatel is the largest telecom provider in the country.
  • The mobile telephone network does not cover the entire territory.
  • According to the country PRSP, 58 towns have access to mobile telephone services, which represents a population coverage rate of less than 70%.
  • To use any of these mobile services, you require to purchase a physical SIM card.
  • The SIM cards can be purchased all over town, that is in supermarkets and major retail shops.
  • They would ask for a passport to register you when you buy a SIM card.
  • You should buy the SIM cards from credible retailers that are in supermarkets or authorized dealers as you may be prone to be conned by some of the people in town.
  • Also, you can be tricked into buying either a stolen SIM card or one used in crime.
  • It is relatively easy to subscribe with any dealer or commercial agent of one of the above mobile telephone providers.
  • Since most of these companies operate on prepaid tariffs, you would be required to buy an airtime voucher to start using your phone.