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Submitted on Sep 12, 2018 Useful Info

Wifi at the Chaing Mai airport

  • Chiang Mai airport has free wifi services (at least as of today)
  • But, free wifi is limited to 2 hours per day
  • These are the 3 networks you should connect to get free wifi
  1. AirportTrueFreeWifi
  2. AirportAISFreeWifi
  3. AirportDTACFreeWifi
  • Of the 3, I only personally successfully connected to AirportTrueFreeWifi. The other 2 I couldn't connect
  • I only needed to provide passport number and email to connect
  • I'm not sure if it's limited to 2 hours on each of these 3 networks, or 2 hours combined across all 3 of these network
  • Note that True, AIS and DTAC are the 3 major telecom providers in Thailand
  • Speed is decent. I watched YouTube with no lag