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Submitted on Jun 06, 2018 Useful Info

Best and worst time to travel in Chiang Mai

I recentled relocated to Chiang Mai (CM) to experience the Digital Nomad scene here. Before coming I spoke with a local friend and did some digging myself. In fact what is “best“ and “worst” varies from person to person, I will break down the different characteristics of each period and you can judge for yourself:

Level of crowdiness & hotel costs:

  • tourist peak season is Dec-Feb
  • high season is Nov-Mar
  • during Jul-Aug it’s popular amongst Europeans
  • around the 1st week of Oct and May it’s packed with Chinese tourists on their national holiday
  • low season is Apr-Oct, except for the 1st weeks per point above

Climate and weather wise:

  • burning season is Feb-mid April, that’s when farmers burn left over crops causing pollution and smog in the city. There are good days and bad days, some nomads skip town during this period. Avoid if air pollution is a concern for your health
  • Cool season is Oct-Mar, avg. temperature is 13-25 C / 55-77 F. It gets chilly at night and quite cold in the mountains. This is also the high season of CM
  • Hot season is April - June when it’s more dry, avg. temperature goes from 30-35 C/ 86-95 F but definitely feel much hotter in the sun. This is also the slow season of CM
  • Rainy season is Jun-Sep, peaking in Aug. it rains almost everyday, however a lot of ppl love this period because the rain doesn’t last for more than an hour, normally it’s in the afternoon and cools down the place. However if you only have a few days to visit you may not want the clouds and rain