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Submitted on Oct 09, 2018 Useful Info

Cheapest way to do laundry in Chiang Mai

  • Travelling light is one of my hard rules for travel. Even for 3-4 week trips I like to have just a carry on. And that means doing laundry on the road
  • In Chiang Mai, the cheapest way to do laundry is to go to one of the many laundromats all over town. Google Maps (search 'laundry') will show you the big ones, but there are tons of little ones that don't show up. These laundromats will have dryer too
  • Just ask your hotel for the closest one when you get in. If you're hostels, they probably will provide their in-house laundry service at a pretty cheap rate comparable to street laundromats. Hotel laundry services will be more expensive than street laundromats
  • Costs:
  • Each load will generally cost around 40-100 baht (depending on weight. Most likely you won't spend more than 60 baht per load)
  • Plus detergent goes for 20 baht
  • Plus drying will be around 40 baht per 30 min, so you'll need 40-120 baht depending on how much stuff you have
  • Time: the downside of doing laundry at a street laundromats is time. It's all self-service and the whole process will take around ~2-3 hours
  • Other alternatives:
  • Washdrop.co: my friend who lives in CM told me about this service. It's much more expensive than street laundromats but it's hassle free. They'll pick up your laundry and drop them off when done. Costs around 300-600 baht for an average load washing and drying, add another 200 baht for ironing (including pickup and drop off fee)
  • Hotel/hostel in-house service: most accommodations will probably provide this service for a fee. Not sure how much they cost though. Airbnbs will probably have their own washing machines in the unit or building