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Submitted on Jun 08, 2018 Useful Info

Cost of common things around here

Chiang Mai is pretty cheap compared to North America (where I'm from) and Europe. Here's a sample of what things typically costs around here to give you a sense:

  • Hostels: USD$5 - $15 per night.
  • Street food: USD$1.5 for a meal, $3-$4 for a really big, filling meal
  • Restaurant food: average restaurant is like USD$5-$7 per person per meal
  • Water: a bottle of water is less than a USD$1
  • Taxi: going halfway across the town on Grab (the Uber equivalent here) is about USD$8
  • Rent: a 1-bedroom apartment can range from USD$200 per month to USD$550 per month in the commercial center in rent. Another $30-$60 per month in water and electricity
  • Cellphone plan: 5 gigabytes of data is about USD$15 per month