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Submitted on Feb 18, 2019 Useful Info

When should you use Grab instead of the Red open buses in Chiang Mai

Use Grab when you travel far (over 20min ride time i’d Say) or in a bigger group, or in a rush, or late at night

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  • trust me the traffic is Chiang Mai is infamously lousy as it’s air quality (kinda go hand in hand) The last thing you want to do is to be stuck in traffic and gas exhaustion in an open bus
  • The red open bus charges 30baht per person for destinations not too far away from the old town (eg if you want to go to the Doi Suthep mountain there’ll be an over charge
  • The red open bus normally drops off guests who go on early in order, unless the driver is smart in routing which hasn’t happened to us. They also drive really slow and if anyone on the streets wave them down, they stop to pick them up (I mean that’s how it works)

Use red open bus when you are going to near by destinations, or alone (but better not late at night if you are a female just in case), or without Internet connection

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