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How to extend your tourist visa in Chile

Here is how to extend your tourist your visa in Chile.

  • Visit the foreigners' office ( extranjeria) within a period of the 30 days before your visa expires. Avoid doing this on the very last day since at some foreigners office you need to book an appointment. You can find your nearest extranjeria by visiting their website.
  • After presenting your case to the migration officials you'll be assigned some documents to fill and be asked to pay a fee of US$100 in Chilean currency (approx CHP 72000) after which you'll leave your Tarjeta de Turismo (Tourist visa) at the office and pick it once your extension has been processed. Least time it can take is one week.
  • Alternatively, you can also leave the country and re-enter but this will cost you more than US$ 100 and is time-consuming.

What if you overstay your visa?

  • In Chile overstaying your visa does not have extreme consequences if you report to the police, you may be charged a small fine or it may be waived.