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How to get a Chilean Visa

  • Citizens of up to 93 states including all European Union citizens and US citizens don't require visas if they are visiting for a period of less than 90 days. If you're not sure whether you need a visa or not forward your inquiries to the Chilean immigration office.
  • South American nationals can enter Chile using their national IDs, for other regions you must have a valid passport. If you're visa exempted you'll be given a tourist card that gives you a maximum of 90 days stay upon entry, be sure to keep it well since they'll want it back at the time of departure.
  • Parents traveling with minors have to prove that they are related to the child by presenting the child's original birth certificate.

Entry restrictions

  • No currency restrictions
  • Chile, however, has strict restrictions on agricultural products. You have to declare all plant and animal products that you've carried at the time of entry. You'll be given a declaration form to fill upon entry and you have to state all agricultural products you've carried failure to which attracts a fine.
  • You can find a copy of the form here.

Visa extension.