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Things to know about queuing in China

  • Queuing in China can be a stressful experience. Queues are not single file (more like fan-shaped), people will try to jump in, and locals don't say much to queue jumpers
  • It's gotten a lot better though, especially in 4 first tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) and their surrounding areas. From my experience Shenzhen had the best queues
  • How do deal with it:
  • Keep a tight distance between you and the person in front of you. Look at how much distance other people are keeping as a guide
  • Some people will try to cut in subtly. Like they'll stand to your front right, and as the queue moves they'll gradually move to your front. Don't be afraid to physically block them using your arm or body
  • When you're at the front, don't wait for the cashier to call or motion for you. Go up as soon as they finished serving the person in front you. Just go straight up and hand them money/passport/card/whatever and start talking to them. If at this point someone cuts in front and starts talking to the cashier, talk over them, push them aside, whatever you need to do. I found cashiers there don't enforce rules, they'll just respond to whoever is in front of them at that moment, so use your hand and voice to make sure you have the cashier's attention
  • In general, don't be uncomfortable with being a little rude. Queue jumpers don't usually put up any fight if you push them away