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Submitted on Jun 26, 2018 Useful Info

Use the high speed trains to get around wherever possible, not flights

  • I found that most places I wanted to visit in China were on the high speed railway network
  • These trains are super nice and convenient, and flights in China are almost always delayed. And the train prices are anywhere from 1/2 to 1/3 cheaper than flights
  • Beijing to Shanghai, for example, is only 4 hours and 20 minutes by train if you take the fastest one (Fuxing line). And the normal class (2nd class) train ticket for this route is about USD$90. It's almost guaranteed to take longer than this on average by flight if you factor in the potential delays and how not easy it is to get to the airport
  • I usually use Ctrip to look up the schedule. This website is pretty modern and easy to use. But I never buy tickets online, because I found it to be a major hassle to get the tickets delivered to you if you don't have a permanent address in China. Just buy it from the train station with cash and passport
  • One thing I don't like about the train station though is lining up to buy ticket is stressful. People will cut in line all the time and it's really annoying