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Submitted on Dec 06, 2018 Useful Info

What to expect staying in the Chungking Mansion

Chungking Mansion is a very famous building of Hong Kong in Kowloon area. It's right in TST, close to the metro - prime location. Inside it's like a grand bazaar with tons of small shops, restaurants(amazing ethnic food especially Indian!), hostels, guest rooms packed into one.

User submitted photo of Chungking Mansion

I went to stay there purely out of curiosity. Personally I would not do it again.

What to expect:

  • It's very crowded and chaotic inside for someone who's not used to it
  • It's very culturally diverse, many Indians and Africans along with mainland locals run businesses insideUser submitted photo of Chungking Mansion
  • Once you get close to the building, people will ask if you are looking for accommodations. I just ignored them as I already had a booking, but if you are looking for last minute budget accommodations to stay you can talk to them - but definitely inspect the place before you pay
  • The rooms are all super super tiny, most are shared rooms. Photos you see online are not at all what you should expect, they normally make it look nicer and bigger. Most are clean enough per hostel standard but of course far away from fancy. Most of them don't have windows
  • Cost normally starts from HK$70-100/ bed in shared rooms to Hk$300+ to a tiny private room