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Colombia travel requirements for U.S citizens.


  • U.S citizens don't need a visa if visiting Colombia for 90 days or less. However, you must have a valid passport both at the time of entry and exit.
  • Incase your passport gets lost when in Colombia you can have it replaced at the embassy in Bogota after you report the loss or theft to the police.
  • If you have a Colombian tourist visa you need to register it with the migration office in Colombia 15 days after your arrival. This can also be done online.
  • At both time of entry and exit the maximum cash you have with you is $ 10000. If you need more then load it in your debit card or phone.
  • Its also possible that you may be denied entry if you don't have your return ticket. This doesn't happen frequently though.
  • If you travelling overland, use an official border crossing failure to do so may even result in spending some time in jail. However, overland crossing is not advisable.


  • You can't leave without clearing fines incase you have to pay any.
  • In situations of emergency and your return trip is in less than 10 days, you can be given an emergency passport valid for 90 days incase you had lost yours.
  • To get updates on any new visa regulations visit the website of the Colombian embassy.