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Updated on Apr 01, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Isla de providencia

Providencia is one of the true off the beaten path destinations along the Colombian Carribean shore and getting there is super tricky

There are only two ways to get to the island

  1. Flight.
  2. By ferry.


  • There are no flights from Colombia mainland or Nicaragua to Providencia. All connection to Providencia is done from the nearby island San Andres which is 90 kilometers away.
  • There are only two flight providers: Searca and Satena and flights cost about $160
  • Flights to Providencia from San Andres are not on a daily basis, they have charted flights and are only available on demand. You have to reserve your spot via their website, wait for a response from them, they'll tell you when the flight is scheduled.


  • Book about a week prior to the date you want to fly to the island


  • It's by far the cheaper option, costs about $100.
  • There's only one ferry service provider that operates currently, and there are about 6 trips weekly to Providencia from San Andres. However, based on demand these trips may increase or reduce.
  • Online booking is available.


  • The ride takes roughly 3.5hours, it isn't very smooth, if you're seasick opt for flight.

NOTE: Fare prices are unconstant and can almost double during the peak season.