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5 Ways to Get Around And Between The Comoros Islands

1. By Rental Cars

In The Grand Comore

  • Cars for hire are readily available in Ngazidja, Grand Comore.
  • They are rented at a fair price of CF 15,000 to CF 25,000 equivalent to €30 - €50 a day.
  • Price entirely depends on the type of car.
  • Fuel in The Grand Comore is priced at CF600 equivalent to €1.2 per litre.

In Moheli

  • There are NO RENTAL AGENCIES in Moheli.
  • Certain, not all, hotels link up their customers with the locals for rental cars and motorbikes.
  • Fuel prices are relatively higher in Moheli as petrol is scarce.
  • Expect to pay around CF1000 or €2 per litre.

2. By Taxis - Bush Taxis ( Taxis-brousses)

  • Taxis are common in Moroni and Fomboni.
  • They are available throughout the day but the numbers reduce as night falls.
  • Taxis servicing the neighboring towns of Itsandra and Iconi and the airports are available.
  • Long-distance taxis are only available in Gobadjou District.

3. By Public Transport

  • Each capital in The Comoros Islands is connected by bus through the Island's main roads.
  • Buses are packed with locals who can't afford renting cars.
  • They have no fixed schedules.
  • The numbers reduce at sunset.
  • Buses are usually scarce on Sundays and during public holidays.

Quality of Roads in The Comoros Islands

  • Each island has its main road whose conditions might be worse in some sections.
  • Roads are narrow.
  • I highly recommend using a 4-wheel drive (4WD) in the outlying parts of the islands especially during the wet season.

Side of the Road

  • Keep right!

4. By Comoros Water Taxis

  • Boats, sailing crafts, canoes, speedboats and ferry services are available between the islands.
  • Speedboats operate from Chindini, South Coast of Grand Comore to Hoani, North Coast of Moheli.
  • Large ferries service the Moroni - Fomboni route 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Canoes and sailing rafts are offered by the locals at an affordable price.

5. By Plane

  • Airlines such as Inter Iles Air flies between Anjouan, Moroni and Moheli on a daily basis.