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Getting around DR Congo

  • The Democratic Republic of Congo is such a large country and to be able to tour various places in the country, you could consider going around via air transport.
  • The planes help you evade the poor state of roads that many road users have to suffer to get to their destination.
  • A sad statistic that you may come across is that there was 7 plane crashes alone in the year 2007.
  • Indeed, air transport may not be the safest however, safety has improved considerably since then.
  • The major airplane carrier that has served for the longest and connects to most parts of the country is Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation.
  • This carrier has Goma, Kananga, Kindu, Kisangani, and also to neighbouring country Uganda, Entebbe.
  • There are also other airline carriers such as Stellar airlines that operate one airbus A320 between Kinshasa-N'djili and Goma and Lubumbashi.
  • Other courses include:
  1. FlyCongo
  2. Air Kasai
  3. Congo Express.
  4. Korongo Airlines.
  5. Lignes Aeirennes Congolaises.
  • You could also travel across the country via train. However, many sections of the railway are in a bad state.
  • This is because most of the railway line lied down over half a century ago and no considerable improvements have been made to it.
  • However, trains allow you to see the country and all its beauty.
  • There are so many landscapes to take in in DRC and the train goes through many attractive features that would be absolutely fantastic for photographers and those that love snapping photos.
  • There is also a ferry that operates along the congo river.
  • If security permits, it plights the Kinshasa to Kisangani route every fortnite.
  • It is a beautiful experience travelling by ferry however you would have to bribe the ferry boss to get a 4-bed cabin and cafeteria food.
  • The ferry has a few stops along the way where you can catch it. However, it does not stop for long so missing it is a possibility.