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Things to do in DR Congo

  • There are very many places to see when you are in DRC as it is such a vast country.
  • It has very many landscapes for hiking through and also for visiting,
  • DRC is also home to so many indigenous species of gorillas and chimpanzees and national parks and reserves have been set up to protect these animals.
  • Visiting national parks can be very eye-opening and exciting.

Mount Nyiragongo.

  • When in Goma, you can spot this mountain, and is an exciting mountain as it is an active volcano.
  • Actually, this mountain has erupted in 2021 causing a lot of damage.
  • After all the effects and things are back to normal, you can go and see the lava that has since spread over all the way to Goma.
  • This mountain is also the most eastern part of DRC.

Congo river.

  • This is also another attraction site.
  • It is the largest river in western and central Africa.
  • This river attracts a lot of people and also you could travel on it via ferry from Kinshasa to Kisangani.
  • The ferry plights this route every two weeks and can be an amazing experience if you can get a good cabin.
  • You could also use the river to travel from Brazzaville to Kinshasa which happens occasionally.
  • However, for this, you will need visas for both these countries.


  • Just like many African countries, DRC has a wide range of cuisine that you could use to tantalize your taste buds.
  • The national dish that you will meet is moambe.
  • Moambe is the Lingala word for eight and this is because the dish is made from eight main ingredients.
  • These eight ingredients include palm nuts, chicken, fish, peanuts, rice, cassava leaves, bananas, and hot pepper sauce.
  • It is a tantalizing dish for those who wish to explore.