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Updated on Jul 20, 2020 Useful Info

Best way to get to Córdoba, Argentina from Buenos Aires

  • Córdoba is the 2nd largest city in Argentina and is located 650km northwest of Buenos Aires. It has a long history and lots of things to do for tourists, so as you can imagine there are a lot of people — locals and travelers — going back and forth between these two cities

  • Transportation options between them are easy. There are three main ways to travel to Córdoba from Argentina and vice versa. The best option is to fly and is the most popular option for tourists. The other options are by coach bus and by train. Coach buses are pretty popular and a decent option for budget travelers. Finally, I don't recommend taking the train because it takes way too long to be practical for most people. I will walk in detail about each of these three options below

  • Option 1) Plane: Best Option
  • There are 5-10 daily flights from Buenos Aires to Córdoba, mostly out of the AEP airport but a couple are from the EZE airport (AEP airport is the main domestic airport in Buenos Aires while EZE is the main international airport in the city)
  • Flying is far and away the quickest way to travel, with a short flight time of just 1.5 hours
  • One-way economy fare is around USD$40, and roundtrip fare is around USD$60
  • The two airlines that fly this route are JetSmart and Aerolineas Argentinas. JetSmart is a budget airline and the its prices will be lower than Aerolineas Argentinas, which is the main airline in Argentina. When you book JetSmart make sure to take baggage fee into consideration as that might make them more expensive than Aerolineas Argentinas
  • Getting to AEP and EZE airport in Buenos Aires is best done by taxi (other options are limited. There is no metro line to the airports). Taxis are plentiful and cheap, especially to AEP because it's located not far from the central Recoleta area. Taxis to AEP shouldn't cost you more than USD$3-$4
  • From Córdoba airport, taxi is also the best way to get into the city. It's located about 12km north of the city center and should cost about USD$5-$7

  • Option 2) Bus
  • There are a lot of long distance coach bus services between Buenos Aires and Córdoba. Between these companies, you will have zero issues finding daily departures in either direction
  • Travel time by bus is between 8.5-12 hours one way. Most of the buses are overnight buses departing in the evening and arriving the following morning
  • Fare is about USD$40 each way per passenger. This is the average fare, the specific fare varies by seat class. More on this below
  • Buses are a good option for budget travelers because if you take an overnight bus you are skipping one night at a hotel. Travel time is also reasonable and is easy to plan around (you can do an entire day of sightseeing in Buenos Aires, take an overnight bus, then have the entire next day in Córdoba, wasting very little sightseeing time on transportation)
  • A lot of the buses depart from the Retiro Bus Terminal in Buenos Aires, which is located right next to the Retiro train station. In Córdoba, most of the buses arrive and depart at the Córdoba Bus Terminal. The specific departure and arrival stations can vary by bus company, so it's best to confirm with them. Both Retiro Bus Terminal and Córdoba Bus Terminal are located quite centrally, and from there you can get to your final destination easily by taxi (or by subway in Buenos Aires)
  • To buy tickets, you can just go to the bus terminals and buy tickets right then and there. There are lots of buses running so you shouldn't ever have to worry about ticket availability. If you want to guarantee a seat, you can always book online ahead of time. You can book on a number of search sites like BusBud, TicketsOnline, VoyenBus, and Tangol, or book directly from the bus companies, I will list below the ones that I know have service on this route that you can use as reference
  • Seat class: all the bus companies use the similar class system in Argentina
  • Semi-Cama is the cheapest and equivalent to economy class on planes. The seats recline a little bit but not much. I would not recommend this class for overnight tripsUser submitted photo of Cordoba
  • Cama Ejecutivo (or often just called Cama) reclines 140-160 degrees and is comfortable enough for this route. This is the equivalent of business class on planesUser submitted photo of Cordoba
  • Cama Suite is full 180-degree recline but it's only offered by a small number of companies (like Urquiza). This is the equivalent of first class on planesUser submitted photo of Cordoba
  • Some bus companies that have services between Buenos Aires and Córdoba (this is not an exhaustive list, just the major ones):
  1. El Turista: https://www.elturista.com.ar
  2. El Practico: https://www.elpractico.com
  3. Via Bariloche: https://viabariloche.com.ar
  4. Urquiza: https://generalurquiza.com.ar
  5. Flecha: https://www.flechabus.com.ar
  6. 20 de Junio: https://la20.com.ar/W20J
  7. Sierras de Cordoba: http://www.sierrasdecordoba.com.ar
  8. Via Tac: https://www.viatac.com.ar
  9. Chevallier: https://www.nuevachevallier.com
  10. LEP: https://www.buseslep.com.ar

  • Option 3) Train
  • Thee's a train service that runs between Retiro Station in Buenos Aires to Córdoba Station.
  • Travel time is very long, taking 19 hours in each direction. Also, the train is only available twice a week:
  • Buenos Aires -> Córdoba: every Monday & Friday departing from Retiro Station at 9PM arriving in Córdoba Station at 4PM the following day
  • Córdoba -> Buenos Aires: every Thursday & Sunday departing from Córdoba Station at 2:30PM and arriving at Retiro Station at 9:30AM the following day
  • I only recommend this option for extreme budget travelers who have a lot of time to spare. For most traveler the train simply takes way too long to travel and thus wasting valuable time
  • Fare is relatively cheap but it varies by class:
  • Primera: 500 pesos (USD$7) <-- this is third class and the seats are very hard and not comfortable. They look like this:User submitted photo of Cordoba
  • Pullman: 600 pesos (USD$8.5) <-- this is second class and while it's comfortable, I don't recommend it for this trip because of the duration. It looks like this:User submitted photo of Cordoba
  • Camarote: 1,750 pesos (USD$25) <-- you basically get a cabin and a bed. Don't expect a soft hotel bed but at least you get to lie down to sleep. This is my recommended class for this route. It looks like this: User submitted photo of Cordoba
  • Here's schedule and fare from the official train website (the website is https://www.argentina.gob.ar, on this particular page):User submitted photo of Cordoba
  • You can book the tickets for this train online on various websites, including the official booking site for Trenes Argentinos, and various 3rd party booking sites like Virail