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How to apply for a tourist visa to Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica visa policy can be quite confusing but I'll break it down for you having gone through the same process.
  • First, not everyone requires a tourist visa when visiting Costa Rica. Getting a tourist visa or not depends on
  1. Nationality - All US nationals, as well as European Union citizens, don't need tourist visas to visit Costa Rica.
  2. Purpose of your trip
  3. Duration of stay in Costa Rica.

Visa requirements

  • A valid passport
  • Return ticket or forward ticket to next destination- this is particularly necessary for visa exempted citizens, they need to prove that they will be Costa Rica for only a period of 90 days max.
  • Yellow fever vaccine- for people from Sub Sahara Africa and South America. You need to get the shot at least days prior to entering Costa Rica.
  • Exit tax - a fee of $29, in most cases its included in your exit ticket.
  • Visa application fee- $52
  • These that I've mentioned above are general visa requirements, other requirements differ according to the country you are from. Find more info on specific requirements per country here.
  • Visa application forms will be given to you at your Costa Rican embassy or consulate upon meeting all visa requirements.