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Submitted on Aug 10, 2019 Useful Info

Cheapest way to get around Cuba- Hitchhiking

  • In a nutshell, this system is all about using government vehicles to travel.
  • There are several pick up points ( El punto Amarillo) where you board the bus. These stations usually have all basic amenities ( a restaurant, washroom and waiting area)
  • At the station you'll find the government official who's responsible for organizing people's transport, ( El Amarillo), they are always in yellow-beige uniform. All you have to do is pay about 20 Cuban pesos (roughly $1) for a ride from the city you're at to the next. The El Amarillo will then organize your ride.
  • The vehicles used are trucks, passengers ride at the back, its a great way to enjoy Cuban landscapes but take necessary precautions against the weather.
  • You can also hitchhike by yourself by just flagging down the vehicle along the highway but the driver will charge you more, almost triple the normal price at times, happened to me!

Key to note:

  • You must know some Spanish and have a flexible schedule to be able to use this system, you'll have to wait for some few minutes or hours before the next vehicle comes by.
  • Introduce yourself as a student to avoid being overcharged and to easily fit in with the locals