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How to get casa particulares ( private homestay) accommodation in Cuba

  • A casa particular is essentially a type of accommodation where Cubans rent out extra rooms in their houses to tourists. It's pretty much the same as Airbnb accommodation.
  • Casas are totally safe and recognized by the government. Legal casas usually put a blue sign right outside with the words "arrendador divisa" to help you recognize them.

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How to book casa particulares

  • You can easily book a casa before your arrival in Cuba.


  1. Download the Cuba junky app. The app costs $5.
  2. On the app, you'll find Cuba junky casa particular directory. Phone numbers or emails of casa owners are available and you can contact them to make your booking.


You can book a casa directly using Airbnb though only about 60% of casas are listed on Airbnb.

Casa particulares requirements.

  • A copy of your passport- casa owners need to take this to the tourism ministry

Casa particulares price

  • Currently, casas cost about $50 per night in Havana and $30 in other Cuban towns.

Advantages of staying at casas

  • Personally, I pitch for casa accommodation for the following reasons
  1. It's cheaper accommodation compared to hotel accommodation
  2. Your host gives you local insider tips on transport, things to do and helps you plan trips.
  3. Staying at casas gives you a real sense of Cuban culture.

Cons of casa accommodation

  1. Your host can give away your room in case you don't confirm your reservation around 48 hours in advance.
  2. Obviously, there is no much comfort and luxury at casas compared to resorts.