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Updated on Jun 04, 2019 Useful Info

Perks of taking the train in Cuba

  • Though the train is generally a good way to explore Cuba, the perks that are associated with it are also very many.
  1. Delays. And not just by some few minutes but very long delays. They don't occur daily though( Personally I didn't face it).
  2. Facilities are in poor shape. The washrooms, cafe, and air conditioning are generally wanting, the train that runs from Havana to Santiago de Cuba.
  3. Train stations are generally chaotic, there are no printed timetables or proper ways of communicating departure times and with the frequent delays, you're best bet is to know where the train chalkboard is ( it's the place where you'll find updated departure times)

However, it's generally quite tolerable and here are some other more tips to help you out.