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Dominican Republic visa information

  • If you're visiting the Dominican Republic for tourism purposes you'll need a tourist card for you to be granted entry. In previous years you could get your tourist card upon arrival but that's no longer possible. You have to get your tourist card at either Dominican Republic embassies and consulates or from your airline.
  • Scam to watch out for: Some tour operators still claim to include the tourist card in their packages yet you need to have the tourist card by the time you land in the Dominican Republic.
  • Tourist card cost: US$10. The tourist card is valid for 30 days.
  • Note: Most European and Latin American citizens enter the Dominican Republic visa-free.
  • If you're traveling with minors you have to get a tourist card for each one of them.

Entry requirements

  • Once you land you'll have to produce the following documents
  1. A copy of your passport
  2. Tourist visa
  3. Proof of forward or return travel- Immigration will deny you entry into the Dominican Republic if you fail to show this.

Visa extension

  • You can get your tourist card extended by an extra 90 days at the immigration offices in Santo Domingo or at Punta Cana airport.
  • My advice: Visa extension isn't worth the energy and time. Most people usually just overstay their visas and pay the overstay fines when exiting. There aren't any major consequences of overstaying your visa by less than 90 days except the fine. You'll pay a fine of between US $30- 500 depending on how long you overstayed.