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One expense many people incur during travelling is roaming rates which are quite high. To beat this, the best option is to have a prepaid sim card that you can use while in your vacation. They are often cheaper and do the job for you quite easily.

There are 4 major telco companies in The dominican republic from which you can but the prepaid sim cards. These companies are trusted by both the locals and tourists.

  1. Claro
  2. Orange
  3. Tricom
  4. Viva


This is the market leader in the Caribbean islands. It offers 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE services. However for the 4G it is limited to certain areas and also to certain frequencies. Credit can be purchased online but the most common way of topping up is by the use of scratch cards.

This network had certain plans such as;

Social media packs can also be added:

  • 150MB for 1 day – DOP40
  • 300MB for 3 days – DOP75
  • 1GB for 7 days – DOP250


This is the second largest provider in the Caribbean region. They offer their services in 2G, 3G 4G/LTE. A sim card can be bought from the official stores or approved resellers. Most can be found in the supermarkets and the airports. Sim cards go for DOP 150 and it comes with a bonus of about DOP60

Also if you purchase credit if DOP100 it comes with a bonus of DOP100 if it is used within three days of purchase.

Their internet package includes;

  • 500MB valid for 1 day – DOP100
  • 1GB valid for 7 days– DOP300
  • 2GB valid for 15 days – DOP600
  • 3GB valid for 30 days – DOP800


This telco company provides mostly 3G and 4G services. Tricom sim cards can only be purchased in few stores. So it is beneficial if you buy from the official stores. Here they can show if your phone is compatible with the sim card.