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Bike rentals in Dubai

  • There are several bike rentals in different parts of Dubai. Since bike rentals in Dubai are expensive compared to bike rentals in other cities, most people only rent bikes when visiting the Dubai marina, downtown Dubai or the Plam Jumeirah. On average bike rentals in Dubai cost $20 per hour, it's not necessary to use bikes to get around since public transport in Dubai is effective and way cheaper than bike rentals.
  • The main bike-sharing service in downtown Dubai is a joint venture between Nextbike ( a German company ) and Byky a local company.


  • Nextbike is an app-based bicycle rental service. They have seven bike stations in the following areas:
  1. The marina walk - There are several stations here.
  2. Marina Mall.
  3. JBR Shams luxury homes
  4. Stefano's cafe
  5. Marina yacht club.
  6. Burj Khalifa.
  7. Spinneys supermarket.
  • Since the marina walk area tends to get crowded during the day, the best time to be out moving around the marina by bike is in the morning or late evening.
  • You don't have to return the bike at the same station you picked it up from, just make sure not to lose the bike you'll have to pay AED1500 for replacement.
  • All you have to do is register via their app. Once you're at their stations, choose a bike, insert the bike number into the app. The app will send you a code that you can use to unlock.
  • Payment is only by credit card. For sometime visa cards used to be the only cards that work on the app. I'm not sure if that has currently changed.

Bike rental rates:

  • 30 minutes- AED 15
  • 1 hour - AED 20
  • 2 hours - AED 25
  • 24 hours- AED 80
  • Although nextbike is one of the cheapest and most convenient bike rentals in Dubai, their bikes are only maintained to an average standard. Their bikes are heavy and the seats are not quite comfortable. Most people only bike for up to an hour.


  • Unlike Nextbike, Byky has a range of bikes ranging from bikes suitable for children to adults and are better maintained.
  • Byky doesn't have an app. To rent a bike you have to deposit your ID and license at the cashier in their offices. They have several offices in the marina. Once you pay for the bike at the cashier, you'll be issued with a receipt that you have to present when collecting your ID after returning the bike. The bike has to be returned to the same station it was picked from.

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  • Bike rental price: AED 100 per hour.
  • Byky charges a fine for every 10 minutes of delay.

Other Bike rentals in Dubai

Careem Bike

  • Careem Bike is a new bike sharing service that was launched in Dubai in 2020. It's Dubai's first large-scale bike sharing service and is the cheapest bike service. They have stations in the following locations:
  1. The marina
  2. Jumeirah
  3. Deira
  4. Dubai water canal
  5. Al Qudra
  6. Al Khawaneej
  • Careem has an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily subscription option. The daily pass costs AED 20. You can only ride every 45 minutes. Once 45 minutes elapse you have to return the bike, lock it then you can unlock it again after a few minutes.
  • There's a penalty if you don't return the bike after every 45 minutes. They'll charge you AED 10 for every 30 minutes you overstay with the bike.

Wolfi's bike shop

  • Wolfi's bike shop offers high-end bike rental services. Bikes are collected from their office along Sheikh Zayed road. Attendants at their shop will help you choose the most suitable bike for you.
  • Bikes are picked up at 2.00 pm and have to be returned by noon of the last day of the rental.
  • Bike rental price is AED 200 per day.
  • Wolfi's bike shop is open every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm but remains closed on Sundays.