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Where to get free Wi-Fi in Dubai

Free Wi-Fi at Dubai International airport

  • The Wi-Fi at Dubai airport is highspeed, free and unlimited. The official WiFi network name is DXB Free WiFi or DWC Free WiFi. Once you open the WiFi link in a browser, click get online now. They'll not ask for any of your details. The official airport Wifi network has no password.
  • There are also internet kiosks near gate C16, gate 9, and gate 23. Close to gate C16 there are two kiosks, global and connect. The kiosk by gate 9 is located opposite the DCA first-class lounge while that at gate 23 is opposite Irish village.
  • If you have an Etisalat internet account you can use the kiosks for free. Non-holders of these accounts pay using their credit cards.
  • Almost all lounges in the airport also have free WiFi. Staff will give you the password if you purchase from them.

How to get free wifi in Dubai

  • Apart from the airport, there are other places you can get free wifi in Dubai.

Wi-Fi UAE from Du

  • Du offers free Wi-Fi in most public areas including metro stations, bus stations, beaches, and malls.
  • You don't have to be a Du subscriber to use this service but you must have a valid UAE mobile number.
  • You'll have to fill in your details the first time you log into the network ( Wi-Fi UAE). A PIN will be sent to your phone, this is the pin you'll use to connect to the network.
  • The next time you log in, you only have to enter your phone number to get the pin.
  • When connecting to the network they'll give two options: premium Wi-Fi ( paid for) or free Wi-Fi.
  • Free Wi-Fi is unlimited but has lesser speed compared to the premium package. The speed is decent enough for basic social media usage and accessing emails.
  • Every time you connect to the Free Wi-Fi network, you will enjoy premium wifi for the first five minutes. After this data speed reduces.

Etisalat free wifi.

  • You have to be an Etisalat subscriber with a valid data package to use their free wifi at Etisalat hotspots. If you don't have an active data pack, you'll pay AED 5 per day for unlimited access.
  • The number of hours you where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi depends on the type of data package you have. Subscribers with between 1-4GB of data get less than 5 hours of free Wi-Fi, those with 4-10 GB get 20 hours while those with more than 10 GB get 30 hours.