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Best time of the year to visit Easter Island, Chile

  • Due to its great temperature throughout the year, Easter Island can be visited pretty much any month of the year. That being said, personally I would recommend mid-November to early-March as the best months to visit Easter Island. This coincides with the touristy season when everything from flights to hotels become expensive, so if budget is tight, visiting in the winter is a great option
  • Temperature: Easter Island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with mild temperatures all year round. Daytime temperatures range from 20C in the winter (July-September) to 25C in the summer (January-March). Nighttime temperatures range from 15C in the winter to 19C in the summer

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  • In terms of rainfall: there is rain on the island all year round. The dry season and rainy season there isn't as drastic as some tropical places, but March-September see the most amount of rainfall. November-January have the least amount of rainfall

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  • Finally, every February the island holds a big 2-week festival called Tapati Festival involving shows, dances, competitions, parties, and a parade. The festival is held to celebrate the local Polynesian culture, and it's one of the major tourist draws to the island. This is definitely an unique thing to experience
  • But one thing to keep in mind is that the tourist busy seasons run from October to March. Flight and hotel prices are higher during these months. From October to March, round trip flight prices are USD$450-500. Starting in April to September, flight prices drop to around USD$350-400 for a round trip. Aside from flights, hotel and tour prices on the island also rise a lot during the tourist season too. From a budget perspective, visiting in the winter months are much better, and as I wrote above even in the winter the weather is quite warm
  • Dress appropriately for the temperature. Due to the humidity all year round, it's advised to dress light. Bring short sleeve shirts for the day and long sleeve for the night any time of the year. Also bring a light waterproof jacket for rainy days, even in the summer. For footwear, bring sneakers and hiking shoes. Girls can bring high heels for photo shoots but otherwise not practical for sightseeing