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How to pay for things on Easter Island, Chile

  • The official currency on Easter Island is Chilean peso, this is the currency everything is priced in
  • Credit cards are widely accepted on Easter Island. You can use it to pay the entrance fee to the Rapa Nui National Park which is where most of the Moai statues are located in, and most car rental and tour agencies accept credit card payment. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted everywhere. Other credit card brands are less accepted
  • However, credit cards are not accepted by everyone. Taxis for example only accept cash. So, you will still need to carry sufficient cash with you to pay for many things like food and services from smaller vendors. I recommend having CLP$150,000 (=US$200) worth of pesos with you at any given time
  • The best way to get cash is to exchange it in Santiago before you fly to Easter Island. The exchange rates are much better in Santiago. However, I don't recommend exchanging money at the airport in Santiago though because the rate there is very bad. Instead go to downtown and find one of the cambios on Augustinas street. You can exchange money on Easter Island as well, but the rates will be significantly worse than exchanging on mainland Chile. The places on the island where you can exchange money include the two banks on the island (see next paragraph), gas stations, and hotels
  • To get cash on the island itself, there are 2 banks on Easter Island which have ATMs you can withdraw money from. One is Banco Estado (located here) which is the nationally-owned bank in Chile, and the other one is Banco Santander (located here not too far away from Banco Estado). The ATMs at both of these bank accept either Visa/PLUS bank cards, OR MasterCard/Cirrus/Maestro cards. Their fees are the same as the ATM fees you find on mainland Chile, which is 5000 pesos per withdrawal with a maximum of 200,000 peso withdrawal limit (more info here)
  • US dollars and on rare occasions euros are also accepted by many businesses on Easter Island like at supermarkets, restaurants, and tours. However, I do not recommend using US dollars because the price in USD bakes in a very terrible exchange rate for you. Basically if you pay in USD you will pay an extra 10-15% compared to paying in pesos