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Submitted on Aug 21, 2020 Useful Info

Tap water safety on Easter Island, Chile

  • Tap water is very safe to drink on Easter Island directly from the faucet. The water is pumped directly from the groundwater which is rains filtered through the volcanic rocks. The tiny population on the island and the lack of any industrial pollution means that the water there is naturally very clean
  • Also, just like the rest of Chile, which has very high water standard (except in the north of the country), the running water piped to houses on Easter Island are treated and filtered by the plant so it's free of bacteria and other contamination. And because the water is coming directly from underground, I'd honestly say the water on the island is even cleaner than the rest of the country
  • However, the tap water does contain high mineral content (so the water is very hard), which can upset some people's stomach. All locals are fine with it, but for visitors it might be best to ease into it. My suggestion is to drink bottled water when you first arrive and ease into tap water
  • But you can safely use tap water for everything else, like washing, cooking, etc.