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Submitted on May 22, 2019 Useful Info

Complete guide of the bus and coach system in Ecuador

  • Many towns have bus systems that link to either Guayaquil or Quito which are the two major cities in Ecuador.
  • In most towns, the bus station is referred to as Terminal Terreste.
  • In Quito, terminals are given names based on routes.
  1. Terminal Quitumbe- southern routes
  2. Terminal Carcelen- Northern routes
  • There's also the main Terminal Terreste for routes within the city's metropolitan.
  • Large bus companies such as Trans Emeredlas have their own bus terminals.


To Colombia

  • There are no direct buses from Ecuador to Colombia. However, there are bus stations on both sides, you ride to border, cross, and board the buses on the other side. This involves more than 3 buses while on the Ecuador side.

To Peru

  • There are direct routes from Quito to Peru, services are offered by CIFA and Transportes Loja.
  • You ride to the border, alight for clearance and board the same bus on the other side.


  • You'll have to know some Spanish in order for you to explain and get routes correctly.
  • Smaller towns are served by minibusses, pickups, and trucks that have been converted to passenger vehicles.


  • Are only in Guayaquil and Quito, buses available are
  1. El Trole- green
  2. Metrobus- blue
  3. Ecovia- red