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Updated on Jan 11, 2019 Useful Info

Must have apps in Egypt

In a fast modern country such as Egypt, the ease of access to goods and services relies heavily on mobile apps and other online platforms. As a traveler, make sure to download these apps upon arrival in Egypt.

El menus

  • On this app, you're able to access menus of most restaurants across the country as well as the ratings for the dishes served in these restaurants.
  • The restaurant reviews given on this app are reliable and hence you can trust them when selecting a restaurant you'll eat at.

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  • On Otlob not only can you view restaurant menus but you can also order food and get it delivered at your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

Bey2ollak traffic

  • Cairo is known for its heavy traffic, and knowing how to evade traffic is key when in this city.
  • On Bey2ollak you get to know which routes are congested and which ones are not, saving you a lot of time and enabling you to get to your destination soonest.

Wasalny/ Google maps

  • Both are geolocation apps, they enable you to find trace your way around.
  • Wasalny has an inclusive life traffic features that direct you on the routes to avoid due to heavy traffic.
  • Wasalny is also good for specific searches of schools, supermarkets, markets and hospitals etc compared to Google maps

Cairo 360

  • All your entertainment needs are covered here, the app informs you of all events happening in Cairo from concerts to cinema events to events happening at various restaurants across the city. All of that is covered in this single app!

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Easy taxi/ uber/ careem

  • Getting a cab in Egypt is extremely easy when you have any of these three installed.
  • You can use your preferred payment method across all three apps from mobile to cash to credit card payment.

Staying in Egypt made easy!