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Safety Tips For Female Travelers in Egypt

Even though Egypt is heavily visited by tourists, sexual harassment has been present since then until today. Here are the safety tips for female travelers who plans to visit Egypt in the future.

  • Try to fit in the crowd to avoid attention. That includes wearing appropriate clothes. Avoid showing much skin.
  • Cover your head with a light scarf.
  • Sit in front next to the taxi driver when you are travelling alone.
  • Do not go with someone who just approaches you out of nowhere.
  • Do not carry a large amount of money when you go out.
  • Do not stay out late at night.
  • Carry your things in public with caution.
  • Guys can be flirtatious in their words but if they try to touch you or do something offensive, learn to distance yourself from them and say no.
  • Avoid going to heavily crowded places.