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Submitted on Jun 05, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Fez from Marrakech by train


  • Cost: 206 Dirhams (~20 EUR) for second class, 311 Dirhams (~30 EUR) for first class
  • Timing: I took the 8:20am-4:25pm train, but check http://www.oncf.ma for the latest schedules
  • Buy a first class ticket. The first class is only ~10 EUR more. The main benefit you get is that you get assigned seating (that's right, in the second class there's no assigned seating. Seems too stressful with a lot of luggage).
  • Budget extra time. Your train will most likely be delayed along the way. My supposed 8-hour train trip turned into 10 hours. From what I understand talking to other passengers, this is a regular occurrence.
  • Bring entertainment. The train has no wifi and no electricity outlets, even in first class. It can get pretty boring pretty quickly
  • You can find the latest train schedule on Morocco's national train operator ONCF's official website http://www.oncf.ma
  • There is no transfer needed, which wasn't super clear to me until I took the train.


1. Getting from old city Marrakech to the train station

  • The best option is to find a taxi around the main square (Jemaa El-Fna) to take you to the station. Just say Marrakech Station in French or English, and you should be set.
  • Agree on a price before you hop on. I paid 50 dirhams, but I've been told that you can get a taxi for as little as 40 dirhams
  • You can also walk. It takes about 40 minutes on foot and it's pretty safe

2. Buy train ticket

  • No need to buy the ticket online ahead of time, there are plenty of seats
  • They don't even check your passport, it's so easy
  • Buy first class, it's not that much more expensive and second class has no assigned seating
  • They don't accept credit cards; cash only

3. Boarding the train

  • They didn't make any announcement when boarding started (or maybe they did in French or Arabic and I just didn't understand)
  • I boarded the train about 20 minutes before departure time

4. While on the train

  • Scenery is mediocre
  • No wifi on board
  • There were staff with food cart that walked by from time to time to sell food

5. Getting from Fes train station to the old city

  • Old city of Fez is very confusing to navigate
  • So try to arrange for someone to pick you up from the train station
  • Taxi to the old city should cost 20 Dirhams, but I've had one guy quoting me 160 Dirhams


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