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How to visit Fez as a solo traveller

How to get to Fez

  • There are rarely any direct flights to Fez so you'll have have to connect from Casablanca to Fez.
  • You can connect using 3 ways from Casablanca
  1. By train
  2. By taxi
  3. By flight
  • Flights are a totally uncalled for expense. One hour direct flights from Fez to Casablanca cost a minimum of $150. ( approximately 1400 dirhams).
  • Shared taxis (grand taxis) cost 1300 dirhams to be shared amongst 4 people, everyone pays about 325 dirhams.
  • What I liked about shared taxis is that they are readily available outside Casablanca airport, at level 0 outside the arrivals area and operate 24/7.
  • Shared taxis are best for budget travelers with lots of luggage.
  • Duration of travel when using taxis: 4 hours
  • I took the train once from Casablanca, airport. Once you buy the train tickets at the airport (you don't have to book online) they put you on a connecting train from the airport to Casablanca voyager train station where you'll take the train to Fez. Took a total of 5 hours to get to Fez, 40 minutes from the airport to the train station and 4 hours to Fez.
  • There's a train from the airport to the train station every hour. You'll arrive at the train station just in time for the Fez train.
  • Train cost: 200 dirhams per person for a first-class ticket.
  • You can find train schedules on the oncf website.

How to get in Fez

  • From the train station, petit taxis will charge about 10 dirhams to Fez el Bali Medina.
  • Finding a metered taxi at the station was quite difficult for me, on inquiry taxi drivers were charging me 50 dirhams and did not want to use taxis so I had to walk a bit from the station.
  • From the airport, taxis cost about 150 Dirhams so the best option is to take the bus.
  • Take bus number 16 from the airport, it will drop you off at a place at a stop where you'll pick bus number 19 that will take you to the medina.

How to get around Fez Medina.

  • Don't go to the medina blindly you'll get lost. If you stay at a riad ask for a guide.