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Top Tourist Destinations in Mayotte

Mayotte is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean located between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique.

The following are the top sights that I highly recommend you visit during your stay in Mayotte

1. Choazil Islands

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  • They are locally referred to as Malandzamia Islands.
  • These are 2 islands located off the shore of Mtsamboro, Northern Mayotte.
  • With an elevation of 63m, you will experience the breathtaking view of the heavenly white sandy beaches.

2. Îlot de Sable Blanc

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  • The Îlot de Sable Blanc du Sud ( Southern White Sand Islet ) is located off the southeast coast of Mayotte.
  • It is rich in corals, turquoise water and the magnificent view is just magical.
  • Be careful with the currents when snorkeling, they can be very strong.

3. Rassi Ngouja

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  • Rassi Ngouja is a point on the Island of Mayotte.
  • It has an elevation of 31m.
  • It has very beautiful beaches, which extremely quite and peaceful for your meditation.

4. Beach N'Gouja

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  • It is a very clean beach with very cool affordable restaurants, baobabs, coral reefs and top-offs.
  • It is famous for snorkeling. There's a rare torpedo Ray, turtles and hundreds of fish species.

5. Mont Choungui

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  • Mont Choungui (594m) is a beautiful conical volcanic mountain in the southern part of Mayotte.
  • It is the second highest point in Mayotte and is an ideal hiking spot.
  • It is super mounted and can be challenging to hike. Be patient!

6. Chissioua Mbouzi

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  • This is a track of land surrounded by water whose main attraction is nature.
  • It's rich in tropical dry forests, with numerous species of plants only found in Mayotte.
  • Here also lives some 750 brown lemurs, only found in this island.

7. De Coconi Botanical Garden

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  • This is a pretty botanical garden in Coconi with a beautiful green space where you'll find almost every exotic flower.