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Updated on Feb 07, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to George Town from Butterworth

  • Ferry is the best and cheapest way to travel between George Town and Butterworth. Taxi is also good but it's much more expensive and needs to travel much longer distance (because the bridge connecting Butterworth to the Penang Island is a lot south of Butterworth and George Town)
  • Ferry:
  • The ferry terminal on Butterworth side is called Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal, located here. It's next to the main transportation hub of Butterworth consisting of its bus terminal and train station. With bus and train you can get to Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia
  • Ferry terminal on the Penang Island side is called Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal, located here. It's a 10-20 minute walk to the center of George Town
  • Ferries depart roughly twice per hour between 5:20 and 0:10 (10 minutes past midnight) from Butterworth. Return ferries depart between 5:40 and 0:40 (40 minutes past midnight) from George Town
  • Fare is 1.2 Ringgit, or about 30 cents USD, per passenger. If you have need to transport your bike or car it will cost extra
  • Trip takes about 20 minutes
  • Check the official website of the operator Rapid Ferry for the latest schedule and fare information: https://www.myrapid.com.my/traveling-with-us/how-to-travel-with-us/rapid-ferry/routes-operating-hours-and-fares
  • Taxi:
  • Taxi fare to get to George Town from Butterworth is 30-40RM, or $7.5-$10 USD
  • Trip takes about 40-60 minutes, depending on traffic
  • In Penang the best way to get taxi is by Grab app, which is a taxi hailing app like Uber (Uber actually sold its Malaysian operation to Grab)

On this map, George Town is on the left (the light blue highlighted area is the historic city center) and Butterworth is on the right. You can see how close they are by ferry. The yellow pins are the bus and train stations in Butterworth