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Updated on Feb 10, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to George Town from Penang International Airport

  • You can a Rapid Penang bus to get to George Town from the airport and it will be very cheap. Taxi is more expensive but only takes half as much time as buses. Unfortunately there are no trains between George Town and the Penang airport
  • How to take bus from Penang International Airport to George Town:
  • Public buses in Penang are all operated by Rapid Penang. Despite "rapid" in its name, it's not particularly fast
  • Fare is 3RM, or 75 cents USD. Payment is by cash and you can purchase tickets on the ground level of the arrival hall
  • It takes about 1 hour to get to George Town by bus from Penang International Airport
  • From the airport, you have 3 bus options. Pick the one closest to your final destination
  • Bus 102: takes you to KOMTAR (west end of the historic area of George Town) and Gurney Paragon (the modern part of George Town, in the northwestern suburbs of and quite far from the historic part). Runs from 6:00-23:15, once every 60-80 minutes
  • Bus 401E: takes you to Weld Quay Bus Terminal (heart of historic George Town). Runs from 5:30-23:10, once every 25-35 minutes
  • Bus 306: takes you to Penang General Hospital (western suburbs of George Town). Runs from 5:30-22:30, once every 45-60 minutes
  • This is the map of where each bus drops you off at. The blue encircled area is the historic center of George Town

User submitted photo of George Town

  • Your other option is taxi. Taxis takes only around 30 minutes to get to George Town, and fare will be 20-30RM ($5-$7.5USD). Both metered taxi and Grab are available at Penang International Airport