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Can I reschedule my flight to Lufthansa?

Yes, as we all know at some points like emergency situations or with climatic conditions customers think to reschedule their original date & time with Lufthansa Airlines. But for that what are the necessary steps to be taken, so that customers freely knows about the Can I reschedule my flight Lufthansa, for that you need to know ways for rescheduling.

So here are the steps which will help you to reschedule your flight at Lufthansa;

• At first you go to the official website of the airline via the web browser

• Then on the homepage you click on the sign-in option

• Now you provide your username & password for sign-in

• After that on the website page you click on the left panel of the page

• Where you get the list of options, from which you select the option manage my bookings

• Now you have to enter your PNR number & last name

• You will see your details of the booking, their down you also see the options like cancel, reschedule, etc

• Now you just need to click on the reschedule option & make do the necessary changes for your flight

• At last just click on the save button & see the changes you made & exit the website page.