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Is Lufthansa Airlines issuing refunds for tickets?

Do you need to know whether Lufthansa will refund your flight tickets? Of course, Lufthansa Airlines provides refunds to eligible passengers by directing them to the most appropriate method of requesting it. Is Lufthansa refunding tickets? You can know more details about your query to get a refund from Lufthansa Airlines from below.

· You can demand a refund from Lufthansa Airlines after visiting their online site, or by calling to their service center.

· After that, you must give your booking code as well as the last name of the person from your flight ticket to Lufthansa’s representatives in order to request a refund for it.

· Finally, Lufthansa Airlines confirms your request for a ticket refund and transfers the appropriate amount to your original payment method.

· The refund requests of travelers who have purchased a flight ticket with Lufthansa Airlines take between 7-20 days to complete.

  • By reading the information above, you have learned that Lufthansa Airlines grants ticket refunds to eligible travelers who follow the requirements.