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How to board Tro-tros in Ghana

Tro-tros is the common name for public transport vehicles.

Tro-tros are usually pick-up trucks and minibusses.

Though they are cheap, boarding the right tro-tro is not easy as they have no set routes or set timetables.

Step by step guide on how to board one

  • Ask for directions to the nearest Tro-tro station.
  • At the station, you'll hear young men who are the touts shouting the destination to which the tro-tro is headed. Get on board ( once inside you can confirm with other passengers or the tout if you're really in the correct vehicle.)
  • If you're alighting on the way communicate that to the tout in advance and in case they forget just knock on the side.
  • In major cities such as Accra and Kumasi, there are tro-tros that operate within the city and are found across CBD, there's a central tro-tro station for tro-tros that are heading outside the city.
  • Note: Tro-tros only depart when completely filled up, that time differs depending on the destination you're headed, it's better to catch a tro-tro that's almost full to avoid such inconveniences.