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Submitted on Mar 30, 2020 Useful Info

Sim cards in Guatamala

Guatemala is one of those countries you can visit when you want to "drop off the face of the world". It is a latin america country that has some very unique tourist attraction places.

If you are there and in need of communicating, you can get some local sim cards to avoid the extra cost of roaming in the country.

There are several telco companies in Guatemala and they include:

  1. Tigo
  2. Claro
  3. Movister

Buying a sim card:

  • One can buy a sim card at the airport or any convenience store in the country.
  • To buy the SIM card, you need a passport. Any form of identification is accepted but then a passport is the best.
  • If your spanish is weak, you should be accompanied by someone because buying a bundle can be confusing.

Cost of SIM cards.

  • Buying a SIM card , Tigo, will set you back about Q50 ($6)
  • It comes with 25 credit airtime and 200mbs that are valid for 15 days.
  • The 25 credits are equivalent to about 13 minutes of talk time.
  • The prepaid SIM card can be topped online but the sites are mainly in spanish and also not straightforward.
  • The best way of topping up is going to a convenience store and buying the credit yourself.

Data speeds and coverage.

  • The coverage in Guatemala is good more so in the tourist attraction sites.
  • In my time there, there has never been spotty network coverage apart from when the place is crowded.
  • There are both 3G and 4G coverage however, 4G coverage is only in few places.
  • For the cost of the data, about $6 or Q30 can get you about 500mbs for 7 days.
  • Tigo has an app where you can purchase data and also use remaining credit to buy data.
  • The app is seemless and comes in several languages thatbis english and spanish.