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How to get to Guayaquil downtown from airport

  • Guayaquil's José Joaquín de Olmedo is the main gateway to Galapagos islands and other destinations along Ecuador's coast. The airport is located in Guayaquil's new business district and is only 5 km from downtown Guayaquil.
  • Guayaquil is cash-based like other cities in Ecuador. You have to pay for transport using cash except when you're using Metrovía ( Guayaquil's bus rapid transit system). You can only pay for metrovía using electronic cards.

Public transport

  • There are two public transport options from the airport.
  • Local buses and Metrovía
  • Local buses in Guayaquil are hectic to deal with. Most tourists opt for Metrovia. Metrovia buses park right out of the international arrivals terminal. If you're heading downtown take the green line buses heading to Avenida Machala.
  • Fare is $0.30.
  • If you're heading to the northern suburbs, where most hotels and hostels are, the best option is to get first get to metrovia's Rio Daule terminal. The terminal is just blocks away from the airport. Here you can catch Metrovia buses to other parts of Guayaquil.
  • There's a northbound Metrovia bus that transports people from the airport to the terminal for only $0.30 or you can take a taxi for $3.
  • The Metrovía terminal is located opposite to Guayaquil's main bus terminal, Terminal Terrestre. Here you can catch a bus to almost every town in Guayaquil.


  • Taking a taxi from Guayaquil airport is easy. There's a tourist information desk just as you exit customs in the international arrivals terminal. The staff at that desk can arrange a taxi for you. You pay at the desk and you'll be given a receipt that you present to the driver who'll be waiting for you as you exit the terminal.
  • Taxis to downtown Guayaquil cost no more than $10.
  • There's also free wifi across the terminal that you can you use to get a taxi on easy taxi or Cabify. Uber is also now available in Ecuador though is more expensive than local taxis.