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Updated on Aug 13, 2019 Useful Info

Best seasons to visit Ho Chi Minh City

  • If you're thinking about a trip to HCMC, it helps to get a sense of what the seasons are here
  • The good news is Ho Chi Minh City is warm all year round due to its proximity to the equator, so you can never go too wrong no matter what time of the year you visit
  • There are essentially 3 seasons in HCMC:
  • 1 - Warm and dry (best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City): late November - December
  • This is the golden period to visit HCMC, even though it's very short
  • Temperature is warm but not too hot, with day time temperature averaging to 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit) and night time averaging low 20s (around 70 Fahrenheit)
  • It's also fairly dry time, with only about 1/3 of the days being rainy or overcast

  • 2 - Hot and dry months (decent time to visit): January to April
  • This is the hottest time of the year, with daytime temperature going to 34 degrees celsius (94 Fahrenheit)
  • While it's hot, it is also the driest time of the year, with the longest sunshine hours and low humidity
  • If you don't mind the heat, this is a great time to visit

  • Season 3 - Wet months (avoid): May - mid November
  • This is not a good time to visit due to the amount of rainfall
  • In May and November, it's going to rain about half the time. From June to October, it's going to rain 2/3 of the time
  • May and June are especially rough because temperature is also pretty high. So it feels like a steam room everywhere you go

  • You can check some actual data here, but here's the historical temperature and rainfall:
  • Temperature:User submitted photo of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Rainfall:User submitted photo of Ho Chi Minh City

  • Fortunately, in HCMC we don't have a "burning season" that many major Southeast Asian metropolises suffer from. While I wouldn't say the air quality is great here, it certainly isn't as bad as Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur during their burning seasons